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With almost 10 years of experience and almost three dozens of editors and authors on our team, the Mr Gizmo webizine is your prime source of gadgetish information.
Working on a 24/7 basis and always leading the race in supplying our readers with the latest news, we cover all the hot topics in the world of gadgets and technology.
We excel our content quality by listening to its core readership. Readers have demanded relevant, fun and informative news from us – which we’ve been successfully delivering for all these years.
The result is something outstanding in it’s niche. An unparalleled marriage of expertise and fun in IT journalism.
So be it about new types of drones, a new operating system, new cameraphones or changes in Google’s or Facebook’s algorithms, be sure that we will be first to write about that.
Following the same principles of fair and impartial reporting about everything and everyone in the industry, we are the best news source on the web!